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Here We are placing answers to questions that we receive everyday from installation professionals. We will eventually segment these questions into categories. Please feel free to make comments or send us your own information. You will be helping us and your fellow professionals. Please remember that in most cases we are providing "rule of thumb" answers and it is always best to check the manufacturers specifications.

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Question - Self Leveling

How can I calculate the amount of self-leveling material I will need for a particular job.?


Here is a rule of thumb you can follow. Take the total square feet of the job and divide it by the number of pounds of self-leveling material you are using. This will give you the "rule of thumb" material requirement for 1/8" of leveling over the surface. Increases above 1/8" will then be a multiple of the weight at 1/8". For example, you have a 500 sq. ft.of space. Using 25 lb. bags of self leveling, you would require 20 bags of material (500/25) to provide you with 1/8" worth of coverage. If the coverage required is 1/2" then you would now need 4 times more (4/8"=1/2"). So, at 1/2" the required number of bags would become 80 to cover the same 500 sq. ft. area with 1/2" of leveling.

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